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Emmer Farro
Organic whole-grain Bluebird Emmer Farro, fresh-milled emmer flour and homemade emmer blends and mixes set the gold standard for one of nature’s most versatile and delicious grains. High in protein, low in gluten, packed with nutrients and flavor.

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Einka - The Petite Farro!
NEW!!!! Try our Organic Bluebird Whole Grain Einka and Einka Flour, commonly known as Einkorn in Germany. This protein rich, delicate, petite ancient grain brings conviction to your meal. If you are a ”farro” fan you will appreciate this little wonder grain. It can be used universally with other farro recipes. Try our organically grown whole grain Einka and fresh milled flour today.

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Milled to Order Flour
Bake with fresh-milled flour and experience the difference—our customers agree, there’s no going back. Bluebird flours are milled to order from our own 100% organic whole-grain Emmer Farro, Einka Farro, Rye, Heritage Spring Hard Red Wheat, and Hard White Wheat. packaged fresh for quality you’ll taste in every bite.

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Gourmet Whole Grains
Enjoy cooking with the finest whole grains you’ll find anywhere to create outstanding soups, pilafs, risottos, salads and more. Choose from 100% organic Bluebird Emmer Farro, Dark Northern Rye, Hard Red Wheat and Soft White Wheat Berries.

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Fresh-Cracked Hot Cereals
Exceptional fresh-milled taste and long-lasting, protein-fueled energy come together in every bowl of Bluebird’s tasty cracked hot breakfast cereals. Try fresh-cracked Bluebird Emmer Farro in polenta, too.

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Handcrafted Blends
We offer a selection of hand crafted product blends that are wholesome, nutritious and simple to prepare, with some attention required to detail.

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Monthly CSA
By pledging in advance to purchase 4, 6 or 12 months worth of our products, you help us to focus on what we do best, growing quality grains. Receive the Run of the Mill or our Simple CSA Share at your doorstep every month!

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Gift Baskets
We offer a variety of gift baskets and boxes filled with fresh milled products, whole grains and local artisanal honey and syrup.  Perfect for anyone who appreciates nutritious foods direct from the farm.  Hand written Gift Card included.


Honey & Syrups
Organic Syrups and Honey to drown your pancakes.

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More Gifts
Creative gift options to add to your online order!