Information about our Organic Products

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Organic Whole Grain Emmer (Farro) Our most popular seller, this old world heirloom grain makes a fabulous pilaf, grain salad, additive to soup, or sprouted for breads and salads. When cooked it's dark plump berries add sweet full bodied flavor. This heirloom can be tolerated by most people suffering from wheat allergies. Cooking directions included.

1.3 lb./21 oz.   
5 lb./80 oz.      
20 lb.
50 lb.
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Emmer Flour (Farro)
Milled to order Emmer Flour brings a superior taste to baking. It can be used in place of your common flour keeping in mind that it is a whole grain flour, which means all of the nutritional components (bran & germ) are in the flour and it must be used within 60 days. When following standard recipes you may find that you need to add more moisture than what the recipe calls for due to the bran's ability to absorb moisture. It is a wonderful alternative for people suffering from wheat allergies. Some of our customers bake with it exclusively! It makes a hardy artisan bread loaf, exceptional pastas and brings a sweet full bodied flavor to baked goods.

2 lb./32 oz.  
4.5 lb./72 oz.
20 lb.
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Cracked Emmer
Our Emmer is slightly cracked to provide you with a hot cereal or porridge. It cooks on the stovetop in 10 minutes and reveals a sweet nutty flavor that has a high nutritional value. Cracked Emmer can also be used for adding texture and flavor to baked breads & goods.

1.3 lb./21 oz.    
4.5 lb./72 oz.        
20 lb.
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Organic Dry Product Mixes

Emmer Pancake and Waffle Mix
This pancake & waffle mix is a favorite in our community. Its full bodied sweet flavor and fresh ground goodness is only enhanced when maple syrup and peaches are added on top. Add: buttermilk & egg.

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Old World Cereal Blend
A blend of cracked Emmer, cracked Rye, and whole brown flax seed. This hot cereal is a hearty whole grain cereal or porridge, reminiscent of the old world. The earthy pungent flavor of dark northern rye merges with the sweet nutty flavor of emmer. The brown flax adds fiber & a crunchy texture creating a unique full bodied cereal blend.

1.3 lb./21 oz
4.5 lb./72 oz.
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Sage Biscuit Mix - Now made with Emmer Flour
This savory handcrafted blend of our freshly milled emmer flour and garden sage graces the lunch or evening table with pure delight! These light, fluffy sage biscuits generally compliment any soup or salad.  We find ourselves mixing these biscuits as an afternoon snack for young and old, served alone with a dollop of Back 40 Honey and a cup of tea. (Add Buttermilk & Butter)

20 oz.
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Organic Dark Northern Rye
Dark Northern Rye Flour is custom milled to make the freshest most nutritional flour available to you. It is higher in fiber than other types of common bread and is darker in color and stronger in flavor. Our Dark Northern Rye is perfect for a pumpernickel bread loaf or robust peasant breads.

Whole Grain Rye Berries
Rye is unusual among grains for the high level of fiber in its endosperm – not just in its bran. Because of this, rye products generally have a lower glycemic index than products made from wheat and most other grains, making it especially healthy for diabetics. Rye Berries can be cooked as a whole grain, a hearty breakfast cereal or ground in your own mill for the freshest rye flour available. Rye can also be sprouted to use in salads and on sandwiches.

1.3 lb./21 oz.  
5 lb./80 oz.

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Milled Fine

2 lb./32 oz.      
4.5 lb./72 oz.    

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Cracked Rye Cereal

Cracked Rye can be used as an additive in baking or stands alone as classic Finnish porridge or hot cereal, topped with blueberries.


Hard Red Wheat
Commonly known as whole wheat flour, this custom milled flour contains all of its nutritional value and can be used in baking whole wheat breads, baked goods & pastries.
Plump Hard Red Wheat Berries with 13% protein can be cooked as a whole grain cereal or pilaf, sprouted for salads or juiced, or milled into flour by the home miller.

Wheat Berries
1.3 lb./21 oz.    
5 lb./80 oz.      

Milled Medium
2 lb./32 oz.    
4.5 lb. /72 oz.     


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Soft White Wheat
Our soft white flour brings a fresh and mild flavor to baking. This flour is unique in that most millers remove the bran and the germ to extend the shelf life. Because we feel nutrition is essential we keep the bran and germ in, therefore we ask that you use our flour within 60 days. This flour is perfect for cakes and quick breads. 9% protein.
Soft White Wheat berries are used primarily by home millers but can be cooked as a whole grain or sprouted.

Wheat Berries
1.3 lb./21 oz.     
5 lb./80 oz.      

Milled Fine
2 lb./32 oz.      
4.5 lb./72 oz.     
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Gift Boxes

Baker's Gift Basket

Home bakers will love this wooden round box  filled with Bluebird's finest fresh milled flours fastened with wooden lid and personalized hand-written card.   Home Bakers will delight in the fresh milled flavor and diversity of products.  This box lends itself to baking breads, cookies, muffins, cakes, and pastries. 

Gift includes: 1 4.5 lb. Soft White Cake Flour, 1 4.5lb. Hard Red Bread Flour, 2 lb Emmer Flour, 2 lb Dark Northern Rye Flour, 1.3 lb Cracked Rye, and 1.3 lb Cracked Emmer, and 1 16 oz. Honey Bear from Back Forty Honey to sweeten the loaf!

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Bountiful Gift Box

This natural wood gift box is a wonderful sampling of Bluebird Grain Farm’s  best selling products.  It is an ideal gift for someone who loves and appreciates organic whole grains and all of their potential. Gifts are placed in a round wooden gift box and nestled in a natural grass filling. Box comes with a wooden lid with a personalized  hand written card.

Gift includes: 2 lb. Emmer Pancake Mix, 21 oz./1.3 lb. Old World Cereal Blend, 21 oz./1.3 lbs. Whole Grain Emmer Farro, 2 lb. Soft White Cake Flour, 20 oz. Sage Biscuit Mix, 1 16 oz. honey bear, 1 10 oz. hand crafted heirloom fruit syrup,  made from locally grown heirloom fruits at Willowrose Bay Farm on Guemes Island, Washington.

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Simple Pancake and Syrup

Simple Pancake and Syrup Gift Box: Any purveyor of wholesome organic foods will love this natural gift box filled with our Emmer Pancake Mix and hand crafted fruit syrup made from organic heirloom Quince and Aronia berries. Tree ripened, hand picked, and hand preserved in small batches, this fruit syrup awaits to delight you taste and grace your home and table. Products are nestled in a natural grass filling and wrapped in colorful raffia ribbons with a personalized card.

Gift includes: 2 lb Emmer Pancake Mix and a 10 oz. bottle of heirloom fruit syrup made from locally grown fruits at Willowrose Bay Farm on Guemes Island, Washington.

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Sage Biscuit & Honey Gift Box

The savory handcrafted blend of rubbed garden sage with freshly milled flour give these biscuits a rise above the rest. 20 oz of Sage Biscuit Mix is paired with a 16 oz. glass honey bear filled with Back 40 Honey- 100% natural honey tended with care by our neighbors Molly Maxted and Shane Ruoss. This gift box brings a taste of our mountain valley to the table.

Gift includes: 20 oz. Sage Biscuit Mix & 16 oz. Glass Honey Bear are nestled in a box with natural grass filling. Raffia ribbon and personlized tag surround the box.

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Breakfast Box

This breakfast box is a wholesome gesture perfect for a family or an  individual.  Products are nestled in natural grass filling in a brown kraft box with a lid,  raffia ribbon, and personalized hand-written card included.

Gift contains Bluebird's favorite breakfast items:  1.3 lb Old World Blend, 1.3 lb. Cracked Emmer Hot Cereal, and 2 lb. Emmer Pancake Mix. 

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Join or Gift a Bluebird Grain CSA! Receive a monthly delivery of heirloom grains & fresh milled products!

What is a CSA?
CSA consists of a community of individuals who pledge support to a farm operation, with the growers and consumers providing mutual support and sharing the risks and benefits of food production. Typically, members or "share-holders" of the farm or garden pledge in advance to cover the anticipated costs of the farm operation and farmer's salary. In return, they receive shares in the farm's bounty throughout the growing season, as well as satisfaction gained from reconnecting to the land and participating directly in food production. Although CSAs take many forms, all have at their center a shared commitment to building a more local and equitable agricultural system, one that allows growers to focus on land stewardship and still maintain productive and profitable small farms.

You will receive automatic monthly deliveries around the 15th of each month with new recipies included.  If you would like to skip a month or alternate months, please let us know by the 5th of the month by emailing our CSA Coordinator Halley Hart at:   

Shares may also be gifted to someone else!  

Shipping is now included in the total CSA PRICE!  

   Breakfast Share  $ 30 per. share/ per month
   2 lb./32 oz.     Emmer Pancake Mix  yields  16  4" pancakes 
   1.3 lb./21 oz.   Old World Cereal Blend   yields  6  1/2 Cup servings
   1.3 lb./21 oz.   Cracked Emmer Hot Cereal   yields 6  1/2 Cup servings


   Run of the Mill Share $40 per. share/ per month

   2 lb./32 oz.    Whole Wheat Bread Flour
   2 lb.
/32 oz.    Whole Grain Soft White Cake Flour
   2 lb.
/32 oz.   Whole GrainPancake Mix
   1.3 lb./21 oz.   Cracked Hot Cereal (either old world blend or cracked    emmer)
   1.3 lb./21 oz.   Whole Grain Emmer Farro
   Recipe and shipping included!


   Low Gluten Share $48 per. share / per month
   4.5 lb./72 oz.   Emmer Flour
   2 lb./32 oz.   Emmer Pancake Mix
   1.3 lb./21 oz.   Cracked Emmer Hot Cereal
   1.3 lb./21 oz.   Whole Grain Farro
   Recipe and shipping




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